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You are what you eat

It takes a few pages to get into things. A proper diet makes all the difference. Meat and cheese will gum you up. Even those without Celiac's are clouded by gluten, ever present in bread and pasta. Sugars that don't come with the fruit will destroy your mood immediately and those bad moods build up over time. Cultivate a taste for rice, beans, lentils, seeds, and nuts. When you become sensitive enough, you'll crave fresh vegetables because you've felt their effects and the difference when you don't get their nutrients. Some go so far as eating raw to preserve the most beneficial compounds. Those really far out will strive to eat that which has been freshly picked. The breakdown gradient is said to be steep in the first twenty-four hours.

Social pressures to eating healthy are opposite in all but a few places around the world. The competition always seems for the best on the surface. Long-term benefits fall by the wayside when agents of fear remain frequent.

You've got to see the difference between insecurity and fear. An insecure person will constantly seek approval. Whether through flashy clothes, a shiny car, annoying speech, insecurity results in the traditions of unhealthy foods and dangerous behaviors.

Fear makes a person disappear. They will build walls in their heads and around themselves physically in order to keep out monsters that may or may not exist. These walls will seem to help at first but, as they persist, they become invisible to the perceiver, solidifying an identity that will only shrink with time.

This is not to say that I have no walls of my own. I'm certain I do. For instance, I talk with very few people. My work and hobbies are specialized and individual. From most encounters, I derive little benefit. A good friend is few and far between. Perhaps I am too demanding. Maybe I scare people away with my manners of speech and writing. I am not trying to take from you. My voice had always been quiet until it was absolutely necessary for me to be as loud as possible.

I had no idea that such range was available. Sometimes people need to be aware of a problem. It is easy to get sucked into seeing all noise as a problem though. Even the most welcome marriage proposal is made because a problem exists: we have not made this amazing world between us official. (This is not an exhaustive reason, simply an example.) Simpler things like complementing a stranger's shoes: this person should recognize my positive image of them.

Every utterance is made with some motive, unless it is passive. Is any act of a living organism passive though? The brushing of air through nostrils carries the internal activity. Our understanding of gravity at this point is such that the noise of an object colliding with the ground could be described as without motive, passive. The question then shifts: is gravity without a motive?

Entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, described by Ludwig Boltzmann's famous equation, gives a direction to the universe. Is gravity motivated to deter an ultimate disintegration?

We celebrate science's progress, repeatability, and applications but we should be celebrating its uncertainties to a far greater degree. With questions front and center towards what isn't fully pinned down, we can spread curiousity far and wide, giving a space to dream to those not yet hemmed in by fear. The answers we have are never ends in themselves but invitiations for more refined questions. Without more questions, we've got nothing left to work for.

Work can easily be pointless. The labor of useless businesses parasitically extracting value by way of marketing gimmicks that overwhelm busy people's descision-making facilities can never be fully defined by policy. Just as punishing those who publish baseless claims stifles those with some confidence, there is no absolute possibility for confidence. A hole can always be found after the fact. Hindsight is always more informed than foresight. After being in formation, crystallization occurs. Crystals may be strong but are not without their own limits. Every invention and pattern has a timeline of maturation where patches strengthen levels deep as well as superficial. Nothing is perfect but the journey towards improvement reveals greatness that need not be dwelled upon. Striving for improvement at whatever is at hand is the only rational goal.

Don't lose perspective though. Narrow thinking will put you on track for disappointment.

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