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Overcoming the intrusion

Your personal space includes what's inside your skin as well as that which you keep private: inside your clothes, your purse, your backpack, your notebook, your computer, your home, etc.

With the unavoidable nature of these intrusions, it is wise to keep this space as small as possible. Peace of mind from few possessions comes when you see the public space around you as something that you own, just the same. Others have full access but you can accept impermanence of your contributions because you trust that your connections will provide for your needs.

Publishing your thoughts opens your mind to the world. When you can make something so extremely personal available for criticism from outside, you strengthen your intentions. You begin to see the difference between action and reaction.

Reaction is something that we fall into when shocked.

Action is the climb back up towards fresh air and clear skies.

Say, you're attacked and form a wall. That's your reaction.

Now you've got a duty to act to break that wall down again. You'll have to make a plan: how can you change your position so that you're no longer vulnerable to that attack without giving up your personality?

The positional change may not be physical. An informational change or attitude change, or physical training will put you in a new position too. Relive the pain until you can see through it because you are a survivor. It will swirl around inside you forever otherwise. Don't settle for this pain.

Of course, there are physical diseases that handicap the best of us. These cause great pain and hold us back. We have many smart people working around the world against disease and you may find your calling in such practice as well. The education required is very enduring and difficult due to our advanced level but it is a clear path to claiming your utility as an agent.

You may not have an identity in this overcrowded world but you do have agency. Our politics and economy seek to undermine this at a very fundamental level so you must try very hard not to lose this most radical of your qualities.

Jobs are a direct sale of your agency in exchange for money. Money is a force that orders humans. It is a very powerful one but it need not be the only ordering force. For most though, it is very difficult to survive without money. Many sacrifices must be made. Sadly, our politics is such that your health is usually the primary sacrifice.

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