I have seen love
When surrounded by police
Why do they just stand there?
Are they going to arrest us?
Are they protecting us?

Best just to stay put
They haven't been able to judge us yet

Whether forming discussion groups indoors or out

The acceptance of imminent arrest shares many qualities with death
The sequence to follow is absolutely unknown and it can be almost certain that any carried possessions will be lost

This is a lamentation of Nov 15 2011, when the camp at Zuccotti Park was destroyed.

As well as a personal regret of following tradition and flying home to Thanksgiving with family who had no attention for my experiences, leaving behind the occupation at the New School Study center

A few blocks from Whole Foods at Union Sq, I would go once per day and fill a container with vegetarian food from the hot bar ~$25 each day. That was the only time away. I ate it at the store. The rest of the time was for paying attention to what happened in that room.

to Richard Wolff:

What do you think of the possibility of permaculture to transform society?


It's only for the bourgeoisie

Cory Doctorow came and explained the looming internet freedom restrictions

Back to Sept 17, at the suggestion of a friend, I called an internet radio show called Revolution Radio

When they picked up, I told them that I was in Zuccotti Park, they told me it was surrounded by police, no-one in or out. For 5 minutes, I answered questions about what was going on there. Then he revealed that I had been live on air the entire time.

I woke up sunday morning with the conviction to make and spread fliers in order to attract more people

He makes sunday everyday Il fait dimanche tous les jours

We marched Monday, along the financial district, chanting, louder than I've ever known my voice could go.
The sound surprised me

Don't wait for a specific day to be thankful, practice it always