And this network of evidents that constitute us, we have been taught so well to doubt it, to avoid it, to conceal it, to keep it to ourselves. We have been so well taught, that we cannot find the words when we want to shout.

Which will sometimes say – when it still speaks – that there is nothing to do, sometimes concede – when pushed to its limit – that “there is so much to do”. Which is to say the same thing.

To get organised means: to give substance to the situ- ation. Making it real, tangible.

From now on all friendship is political.


nothing that is expressed in the framework of politics will ever be able to limit the advance of the desert, because politics is part of the desert.

that of the shaping of the sensible, of the forming of sensi- bilities

All in all, we would rather start from small and dense nuclei than from a vast and loose network. We have known these spineless ar- rangements long enough.


Thus, demanding free public transportation says nothing of our need to travel rather than be transported, of our need for slowness.