Animals rejecting our destruction of naturer: The wolf is puking cars, the sheep is shitting a firetruck, while the frog, chicken, butterflies, snakes, and penguins are showing their beauty.

Just before painting that one, I had made this one of a landscape view with a few additions. The green blob dude longs for the other but lacks the agility to make the jump over the bay. Before giving this one away, I added a trail of ants at the request of the Dutch recipient, who saw a connection to Dali's Persistence of Time.

This was the pinnacle of my painting before leaving Chico, where I went to university, a view from Bidwell park looking back towards the town. The sky and the colors fading to blue into the distance are my favorite parts.

Looking east, up the creek in Upper Bidwell, just above Salmon Hole

My Dad's original cabin

Screenshot of my first attempt at a city-simulator in the web browser, with customizable buildings

First painting upon arrival in New Zealand

Second in New Zealand

Awareness: 42s against the encroaching left, until one notices